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F. Facilitation Basics

Facilitation means 'making things easier', and usually we refer to a leader of something as a "facilitator": someone who guides an event through to a successful conclusion, who thinks about how to benefit the group as a whole.   

Facilitation skills are crucial in life, and everyone can benefit from learning some.

In many types of group situation, and particularly in complex discussions or those where people have different views and interests, good facilitation can make the difference between success and failure.  And facilitation skills can be learned...

Who this is For

This Study Circle is perfect for you if you are want to think with others about how to organize your own local Study Circle with the materials we - at the Integral Permaculture Academy - offer, or indeed any other kind of study circle.

It is also a great introduction if you want to learn about facilitation in general, maybe need to chair meetings at work or would like to, in your community, or simply want to know how to make any kind of group-work go more smoothly for everyone.

The Programme

1) What is Facilitation
and what it isn't ...
Who becomes a facilitator and how, what personal qualities you need (& how to grow them), the right and wrong kinds of motivations for facilitating and what basic knowledge is essential for the job.

2) The Role of Facilitator
Different kinds of facilitation styles, what the job entails, all the different aspects of facilitation and what kinds of situations call for each.

3) Facilitation Tools

4) Motivation and Listening
When it is important to listen ... and when to stop.  
What makes someone a good listener and in which way facilitators need to listen 'to the group' more than to individuals.

5) Practice, practice, PRACTICE
Get going!  Starting very small, convening a group, 

... work in progress ...

please come back later :)