A. Free Course


This is a free course of Integral Permaculture and you are in charge of it!

You can start at any time you want, devote to it as much time as you find comfortable and study only the things you are interested in.

You can do it yourself or with fiends, but if you are on Facebook, you can get in touch with the community of other permaculture enthusiast in a group, where we exchange the ideas and resources to learn together about these topics.

How to start

1) Join the Facebook group of the course and send a friend request to our coordinatorMajaBorkowska

2) Then, introduce yourself in this thread (minimum 20 words: who are you, where are you from, why are you interested in this course etc.). Then, Maja can add you to the chat of the course

3) Then you can go directly to study the Manual and discuss its content (see Dialogue and Discussion below) how and when you want.

Contents of the Manual

The IPC Manual is organized into 5 sections which correspond to the 5 Modules of the Integral Permaculture Design Course:

  1. PeopleCare
  2. Design Techniques
  3. Earth Care
  4. Energy & EcoTech
  5. EcoEconomy & Transition

Each of these 5 section has 10 chapters which correspond to the the 10 classes of each module.  

On this page you can see the complete index of all 50 chapters / classes on the right, together with a description of this curriculum. 

Where you start depends only on you what you study first!

The website is in constant development & we created the facebook group so that anyone can help with updating as well as discussing (& questioning) & so constantly improving the contents of the Manual.

As our student - you are also a co-creator of this great collection of resources.   We welcome your creative input.

You can contribute by starting a fruitful discussion, adding resources to the Manual (via the FB threads linked to the pages there), translating and anything else that will serve to expand and spread our collective knowledge.

Notice, that there is also a spanish version of the Manual, so you can multi-function your permaculture learning with practicing your language skills if you like.

Dialogue and Discussion

Here is a video briefly describing how the Manual works and how the pages are connected to the Facebok group:

Film z YouTube

On some of the pages in the Manual, you can see the link to the discussion group on facebook, look for this icon:

If there is no discussion linked to a page you are studying - feel free to start one in our facebook group.   We welcome interesting contribution, your thoughs and questions on a given subject. 

You can earn double the amount of Permis for starting a new thread, since our aim is to have ALL of the pages linked to dialogues, but please before you start a new thread, make sure that what you want to contribute have not been added by someone else before -  study the Manual and the discussions already in the FB group to make sure that your input will bring something new to our collective knowledge or engagement with thinking about it. 

You can also loose Permis or points by un-focusing the dialogue away from the actual design points of the resources in the Manual, so this is also a course in how to think like a designer, which includes a skill in how to dialogue, discuss & disagree on important subjects productively.

As we say to all of our students: "don't believe anything we teach, or anything that is in our Manual or anybody else's - always question everything".    This is a basis of learning, and so a community of colleagues to exchange questioning and observations with is essential.

Permaculture designers are good at getting to the root of things, and then changing things for the better.  So this is our focus in the Integral Permaculture FB group, in terms of teaching & learning the science of permaculture together.

To enroll

Follow three steps of
<< How to start

Then we can add you to the course chat (in Facebook) where we can get to know each other and talk about how the course works.

This is an informal, free and self-directed course...

... but if you want a Certificate at the end of the course (and / or if you want to earn Permis), after doing the first 3 steps, follow also the instructions below under Certificate


Integral Permaculture Academy grants a Certificate for this course - and we are also launching a system of Badges, included in the certificate.

If you want the Certificate, you have to enroll as a student of the Academy, by following instructions of the Welcome page (and paying 5€ of the administration fee).

You can choose the curriculum for this course yourself (what interests you the most from the wide resource of the Manual), but the Certificade requieres you to earn at least 10 Permis (in 2 months, to encourage tou to finish the course), for that you also have to contribute (see below : Permis)

Along with the Certificate, we will give you another 10 Permis more, which means that you can have a discount of 20+ Permis (equal to 20+ €) on another course (or gift that discount to another person)

Please note this is not the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), but a certificate of completion of our free course. 

However, by earning Permis doing this course, you can both get a great introduction and a discount for a PDC with us, if you later choose to enroll.


Permis are our complementary currency which we created to offer discounts on our courses for people who contribute to the community.   And you can earn them by doing this course!


Study the page in the Manual about this currency and how do we use it, if you want to contribute. 

You will see that there is a an FB thread connected to this page if you want to ask anything about this interesting currency of exchange.