A. Free Course


This is a free course of Integral Permaculture and you are in charge of it!

You can start at any time you want, devote to it as much time as you find comfortable and study only the things you are interested in.

And it puts you in touch with a wide community of other permaculture enthusiasts on an interactive discussion platform, where we exchange ideas and resources to learn together.

How to start

Visit the Manual of Integral Permaculture and start exploring the content. 

To 'enroll' on this self-directed learning adventure, simply join our facebook group.  

Then introduce yourself in this dialogue thread where you can ask any questions about how this free course works (and any of the contents of this page)

Content of the Manual

The IPC Manual is organized into 5 sections which correspond to the 5 Modules of the Integral Permaculture Design Course:

  1. PeopleCare
  2. Design Techniques
  3. Earth Care
  4. Energy & EcoTech
  5. EcoEconomy & Transition

Each of these 5 section has 10 chapters which correspond to the the 10 classes of each module.  

On this page you can see the complete index of all 50 chapters / classes on the right, together with a description of this curriculum. 

It depends only on you what you study first!

The website is in constant development & we created the facebook group so that anyone can help with updating as well as discussing (& questioning) & so constantly improving the contents of the Manual.

As our student - you are also a co-creator of this great collection of resources. We are waiting for your creative input!

You can contribute by starting a fruitful discussion, adding resources to the Manual, translating and anything else that will serve to expand and spread our collective knowledge.

Notice, that there is also a spanish version of the whole Manual: there is a PÁGINAS EN ESPAÑOL  

Most of the pages are not translated yet, but if you would like to help us, your help would be most welcomed and it is one of the ways in which you earn Permis - our very local currency which we use to give discounts on our courses (more information on that below)


On most of the pages, you can see the link to the discussion group on facebook, look for this image : 

If there is no discussion linked to it - feel free to start one in our facebook group. We welcome interesting contribution, your thoughs and questions on a given subject. 

Before you start a new thread - make sure that what you want to contribute have not been added by someone else before - 

study the Manual and discussions already present on facebook to make sure that your input will bring something new to our collective knowledge. 


Permis are a local currency that we created to be able to offer discounts on our courses for most deserving people. 

You can earn Permis by contributing to the creation of our Manual, whether it's a new addition to the Manual itself, translations or enriching discussion on facebook.

The exact aount of Permis earned is decided individually, so if you are interested - ask!

You can also find more information about earning Permis on the welcome page