F. Integral Woman**

To end the Patriarchy men and women need to go through the internal and extermal transformation and

It is much more fun AND more effective to do it together!

That's why we propose for women and men to meet together in circles to talk about important gender, sex and sexism issues and how they affect them - individually and as a part of society.

We prepared materials compiled in 12 topics to explore those interesting issues.

After enrolling on this course - study group - you will get access to all of those materials and the facebook group where you can meet other students. 

We will encourage and support you in creating men's or women's circles (or both!) in your area or through internet.
And then we will facilitate the discussion on these topics between all interested.

The discussion on facebook group is on-going and focused around the subject of women's liberation. 

Men are very much welcomed to join!

** Study Group

This is a Study Group. 

All of the resources provided are free for anyone to see.

When you enroll on this Course, you get the access to the platform, where you can meet other students interested in this subject and mentors that will support and guide you in exploring this subject.

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You can see all of the resources on this website

00. The circle way
A short introduction to the structure of Circles

01. Why women's and men's groups
Introduction to men's and women's groups and why is it such a great tool in social development.

1. Male allies
The importance of men's contributionin dismantling sexism

2. EveryDay sexism
Discussion inspired by Laura Bates and testimonies of millions of women's all around the world about sexism they face every day

3. Mothers & Fathers
Gender roles in parenthood

4. Emotional Labour
Even though women didn't used to have traditional jobs, they were always doing full-time, unpaid job of giving constant emotional support and attention. It is still expected of them today.

5. Eve Ensler
Eve Ensler is a feminist activist, author of "Vagina Monolgues". She fights to end violence against women. Here we study her talks and articles.

6. Porn culture
The influence of porn on minds of girls, boys, men's and women's is profound and very damaging. In this part we will try to understand better how it works and what can we do about it

7. Body image
Here we focus on cherishing our bodies! We look closer at how the all-present idea of perfect body influences us.

8. Anger and Resistance
For centuries women have been told to repress their anger. It is time to look at what is the purpose of anger and how can we express it in a healthy way. In these times we need the power of anger and resistance to stop the destructive system

9. Arundhati Roy
Here we study work of Arundhati Roy - a great feminist activist!

10. Iceland
Iceland is a great example to follow - it is known as being the most female-friendly country in the world, but also from well-working democracy

11. Sister Giant
Even though witch-burning were happening during middle-ages, the same mentality that gave burn to this atrocity is operating in modern society. Here we study the history and look at how it reflects in today's world.

12. Sacred Sexuality
Here we talk about sexuality as a creative force in lives of both men and women.

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