H. Horizontal Hostility

In this course we explore what is Horizontal Hostility and how can we fight it. 

Understanding how it works and learning how to recognize it is one of the most important things that people need to do in order to cooperate effectively against the system.  

This is 'the other side of the coin' to 
Collective Intelligence - since we cannot design for collective intelligence without understanding how the biggest cause of collective stupidity (amongst agents of change) operates.

About Horizontal Hostility

"Horizontal Hostility" (HH) is explained most concisely by the above picture.   It is an expression equivalent to "massive mis-direction of investment", which in practice means we end up working toward destructive, rather than constructive ends.    

HH has little to do, in practice, with constructive disagreements - which are creative & essential in any movement - where diversity & inclusion, as we know, are key to success.   

But can we handle that diversity?  
The answer is yes, if we learn to distinguish HH from mere disagreements, 
we can, and increase our collective intelligence a great deal.

HH could also be called Collective Stupidity & it is important to notice and map well how it operates so effectively as the greatest obstacle in re-designing the oppressive systems that are currently threatening Life on Earth.

You can also see more details and articles about Horizontal Hostility here:


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