I. Integral Health*

Having theoretical knowledge about health is one thing, but applying it is a totally different one!

If you want to explore with more depth the issue of your personal health, learn more and above all - put that knowledge in practice - you are in the right place.

We know that changing your habits to new ones that will serve well-being of you and those around you is very difficult, that's why we offer this practical course!

* Personal Mentorship

The mini-courses with * after their title in the menu are mostly personal mentorships, with additional support from others taking the same course.   

The higher prices reflect the fact that a tutor will spend a lot more time (than on the other courses) coaching you through this course.

The course will start with an interview with your personal mentor, who will then put together the most appropriate set of excercises and classes for you, and the stage you are at in your life.

About the course

Many students after finishing the Food Freedom MiniCourse jumped into implementing the knowledge they learned into practice with great enthusiasm.

But it is a great challenge to change the addictive behavior that is so engraved into us.
Plus - health is much more complex and we need to approach it individually. There are no definite "rights" and "wrongs".

That's why why decided to start this course - support group - for people who are determined to test their knowledge in practice and learn more. To see how it will be to be free of every addictions. 

Before enrolling for this course - it is required that you finish Food Freedom Minicourse as a prerequisite. 

After enrolling you will get access to our facebook group in which you will be able to get in touch with other students and mentors. 

You can see more information about this initiative here 

To Enroll

Before enrolling for this course - it is required that you finish Food Freedom Minicourse as a prerequisite. 

To enroll on this course, follow instructions on the Welcome page

The price for this course is 50€-100€
sliding scale - pay what you can afford. See more information about financial support

After recieving your details we will add you to this Facebook group, where you will be able to see the contents + dialogue of each of the classes linked here.