G. Facilitation Basics*

Facilitation means 'making things easier'.
Facilitator is someone who guides an event through to a successful conclusion, who thinks about how to benefit the group as a whole.   

Facilitation skills are crucial in life, and everyone can benefit from learning some.

At the end, we won't achieve anything significant in the world-wide change without effective team work and everywhere where groups meet together to achieve a goal - facilitation is the key to succes.

* Personal Mentorship

The mini-courses with * after their title in the menu are mostly personal mentorships, with additional support from others taking the same course.   

The higher prices reflect the fact that a tutor will spend a lot more time (than on the other courses) coaching you through this course.

The course will start with an interview with your personal mentor, who will then put together the most appropriate set of excercises and classes for you, and the stage you are at in your life.

Who this is For

This Course is perfect for you if you are want to think with others about how to organize your own local Study Circle with the materials we - at the Integral Permaculture Academy - offer, or indeed any other kind of study circle.

It is also a great introduction if you want to learn about facilitation in general, maybe need to chair meetings at work or would like to, in your community, or simply want to know how to make any kind of group-work go more smoothly for everyone.

About the course

This is a purely action-learning course!

To learn how to facilitate you have to do it, and we are here to help you in that with knowledge, experience and support.

If you think that you don't get opportunity to facilitate - don't worry! Most of us are already in a role of facilitator, but are not aware of it.

If you are trying to organize your family - you are a facilitator.
If you are making a party - you are a facilitator.

If you work with other people and care for their well-being and effects of your work - You are a facilitator!
Let's make it conscious!

You can start small - with just a group of friends or a family evening,
or a bit bigger - gathering people for a common cause.

But the most important part is to practice! 

The perfect opportunity is to organize a Study Group around some of the subjects of the MiniCourses we are offering!

So if you are ready  to dive straight into practice of facilitation - fill out the questionnaire below, so we can prepare to offer you learning that is designed especially for you!

To Enroll

To enroll on this course, first fill in the questionnaire on this page, then follow instructions on the Welcome page

The price for this course is 30€-120€

sliding scale - pay what you can afford. See more information about financial support

After recieving your details we will add you to this Facebook group, where you will be able to see the contents + dialogue of each of the classes linked here.