H. Collective Intelligence

In June 2012 we started another round of

free online conferences (see news)

about the most important issues of our times, 

with - possibly - the most critical of all:  

Collective Intelligence

And as designers we ask:  

How do we design to achieve it?
more specifically we explore interesting details like:

  • Is Collective Intelligence achievable?
  • How do we achieve better cooperation between all existing initiatives?
  • How to organize ourselves collectively toward change in these transition times?
  • Which are the necessary elements for Collective Intelligence to function?

     We are still preparing this mini-course 
and we will let you know when it's ready

for news of when this course will start

you can also join the 
where we put updates & news

Taken from 4 hour conference
including dialogue


2hr audio interview

with Tom Atlee 

& Stefania Strega of the
Integral PermaCulture Academy