Eros Re-Design

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ReDesigning Eros 

11-23 Feb 2013 * on-line *
Two weeks to explore

Conscious Evolution

in 3D: Me, Us & All of Life

In February 2014 we invited everyone 
to a free Online Festival
to Celebrate Evolutionary Love

Let's design together a more sustainable & more rational St Valentine's!

Invite everyone you love ...

We could say that love is the most powerful creative force in existence
& therefore this is a very important subject to explore & understand in depth for any person who is working for the Change: whether it's at the level of changing your life, work, relationships, your community, a project or your bio-region.

We are continuously creating
but WHAT  we create depends on what we love ... & fear.

So maybe it's not a coincidence that in our consumerist society we often remain very confused about this subject.

Some Food for Thought

As we are celebrating the St Valentines' Festivities ... it strikes us as very interesting that Eros,

who started off as the representation of the primordial force of the creative urge of ever flowing Nature

later was demoted to the son & messenger of Venus/Aphrodite 
(the Goddess of sexual & romantic love), 
usually represented as a handsome & virile young man 

but today is much better known in popular culture 
(& mostly thanks to the propaganda put out on St Valentine's day) 
as an infantile version of even that demotion.

From being the symbol Evolutionary Power of Nature ... to symbol of the codependent heterosexual love myth we do seem to worship today... it's quite a slide.   So what's going on?   Shall we re-design?

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St Valentina's Presents

If we love & feel loved we don't need to consume so much!  & we start to CREATE ...

 If  we can do the work that we most love, more powerful is our evolutionary contribution to the world. 

But we are surrounded by many toxic myths about love, that get in our way of finding it, or maintaining it.

During this very creative Festival (you will be invited to dialogue & create with us) we'll work away at de-toxifying, re-weaving, re-designing Eros, the primordial creative force

Conscious Evolution

in 3D: Me, Us & All of Life
or the
, Psychology 
of Love


Loving ourselves is essential & primary
& to do this we need to evolve as people.  But how?


To evolve we need support, an evolutionary family or a healthy support group
How do we design this essential resource, the soil for our evolution? 

All of Life:

 destroying the earth & other species is not love ...

How do we re-design our ways of living in a way that is truly respectful of the Earth & our environment?