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Starting in July 2014 the Integral PermaCulture Academy offers this series of free MiniCourses.   
You can see the News launching these courses here >> www.bit.ly/PCMiniCourses

Multi-Funcional MiniCourses 

These mini-courses are very multi-functional (good permaculture principle), since we invite you to: 

1) discovering some of the rich multimedia educational material created so far by the Academy,

2) while trying out if studying permaculture online might work for you (although these are quite different form to how our main courses work, which are mainly based on your real-life desigs, this is a way of 'starting small' - another good permi principle - by trying out a little of how we dialogue with the ideas).

3) you can begin to get to know our community of students and practitioners (in a small way, but we hope you will enjoy having a taste of the supportive & professional environment we have co-created here), 

See more Benefits in the News launching these MiniCourses

To enroll

The enrollment is done through Skype, which is also the way we keep in contact during the MiniCourses, in order to make them as inter-active as possible, to attend to technical issues & questions as quickly as possible amongst all of us, etc.

If you don't use Skype yet you can study this tutorials page in our e-book.

Then when you are connected with your own* skype address simply send a Skype contact request to StefaniaStrega with this information please:

1) a short intro: your name, age & location + why you want to do the mini-courses (this will be added to the list of the intros of your colleagues here so you can get to know each other a little)

2) your gmail or email that is compatible with google since we will give you access to the private parts of this wiki, in order to do the classes.

3) & when you are available to be on skype live (so we can talk & explain personally how it all works)

*Please do your enrollment from a Skype address that you can use regularly during the course.  Don't use the account of another person just to enroll, please create your own account if you don't have one already, we want to stimulate personal contacts between the people who enroll.

Please note we will not use your contact details for anything other than these mini-courses: if you wish to receive occasional newsletters from the Academy you need to subscribe separately to the email list &/or join our Facebook group.

To start

a) Once we've received your presentation by skype, we will set up a time for al live & (preferably video-) skype conference 

>> so remember to keep skype ON when you're at the computer!

b) We will take you step by step through how to start, which you can do immediately.    You can choose 
any of the MiniCourses in this list >> 

c) & participate in the dialogues of each, where you can see how other students & the tutors have responded to each class. 

Note you can enroll only on ONE course at a time, for eg. A, B, C, etc..  When you complete it then you can move to another one >>

You can choose to do them in any order but if you have no other preference, we encourage you to start with A, then B, etc.

Our agreement for this courses is that once you've participated in the dialogue of one class you can enter into the next one: the only thing we ask in exchange are your ideas & active participation in the dialogue!

Action Learning

Note that these are all PARTICIPATIVE mini-courses.

Because the action learning that we encourage in this academy starts with un-learning something the majority of us tend to do these days: we have the tendency to 'consume' information, instead of entering into relationship & create fertile connections of mutual benefit with the people who create it, prepare it or encourage us to put into practice this information.

Engaging with the community makes it easier later to know how to apply this information - and PermaCulture is a practice, it's not something that can be understood in an academic way.    That is also why the very first class of the expanded Integral curriculum starts with Learning.

Optimum learning starts when we truly engage with the incoming information, and one way of doing this is via discussion with others, as the information in turn can only improve in quality if there is continuous feedback from the learning community.

For this reason these classes come with a space for dialogue & we give you access to the next class once you have participated in some way.  In this dialogue we hope ourselves to also learn more with you, & in the process you can start to get to know some parts of our community, little by little.

Gifts of Permis

In order to show our apreciation of this kind of action-learning engagement, you get 10Permis with the certificate when you successfully complete any of the mini-courses (1P=1€).

Additionally, we also make gifts of Permis to particularly useful, interesting or different contributions, care of others on the course, helpful actions, etc..   

Permis are our internal currency, which you can exchange for the more advanced courses of the Academy, if you wish - effectively giving you a discount or exchange for work in kind.

We do this because is pays us to have more engaged, self-motivated people enrolled on the action-learning courses, as they tend to add value to the whole community (and to finish a mini-course you need to be engaged and self-motivated).

Note you can also do these 

You can enrol now,
on the courses A, B and C
 - the others will be available soon.

List of MiniCourses

Note each mini-course has various classes, of which you can read the contents here: